Friday, April 1, 2011

Optimum Power Solutions v. Apple et al.: Westward Ho

The very useful PriorSmart listed this as a new case this morning, but it is actually just the transfer of the former EDTX case filed 2/24/2010 to the Northern District of California.  The case was reassigned today to Judge Hon. Susan Illston.

The Complaint is for infringement of the 5,781,784 patent, "Dynamic Power Management of Solid-State Memories," against Apple, Dell, HP, Lenovo, and Sony.  The patent was assigned to Zilog, Inc. at its July 14, 1998 issue date.


Claim 1, for reference:

1. A dynamic power management device for supplying power to a solid state memory integrated circuit, said device comprising:

  • power control means for supplying a variable voltage to said memory integrated circuit; and
  • logic control means for generating address and control signals for said memory integrated circuit and for controlling said power control means;
  • wherein the power control means supply power to said memory integrated circuit, said power being supplied to the memory integrated circuit at a first variable voltage level during periods of no data access activity and at a second variable voltage level during periods of data access activity, the variable voltage supplied at said first variable voltage level being less than the variable voltage supplied at said second variable voltage level,
  • wherein the power supplied at the first level is sufficient to preserve information stored in the integrated memory circuit and the power supplied at the second level is sufficient to read and write information in the integrated memory circuit.

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