Friday, April 22, 2011

Samsung counter sues Apple over iPhone, iPad

As expected, Samsung counter sues Apple over iPhone, iPad:

Samsung said in a statement on Friday that Apple's iPhone and iPad infringe Samsung's 10 mobile technology patents and it called for Apple to stop infringing its technology and compensate the company.


Samsung said the suits, filed in South Korea, Japan and Germany, involved 10 alleged infringements of patents mainly involving power reduction during data transmission, 3G technology for reducing errors during data transmission, and wireless data communication technology.

(via Reuters)

I have to imagine there are people in Samsung's memory, SSD, display, and processor businesses who are not thrilled to see this escalate.

As Reuters also reports, Samsung shares were down 2.6% on this news after three days of gains:

Apple was Samsung's second-biggest client after Japan's Sony Corp last year, bringing in around 6.2 trillion Korean won ($5.7 billion) of sales, and is widely expected to become Samsung's top client this year.

With a market cap of $140B, a 2.6% drop is $3.64B in shareholder value.  Perhaps it won't just be the other business units that are upset about this litigation.


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