Friday, April 8, 2011

Texas OCR Technologies v. Adobe, Apple, et al. Filed

On Friday, April 08, 2011, Texas OCR Technologies, L.L.C. filed a patent infringement complaint against defendants Adobe, Apple, Barnes & Noble, Microsoft, Google, and Nuance.  The case number is 6:11-cv-00175-LED (Judge Leonard Davis).

As in the previous case against Amazon (6:10-cv-00064-LED, filed 02/26/2010, later settled), Texas OCR asserted U.S. Patent No. 6,363,179, “Methodology for Displaying Search Results Using Character Recognition.”

Representative Patent Claim

1. A method of outputting search results, comprising the computer implemented steps of:

  • recognizing characters in a plurality of document images to produce respective document texts;
  • determining regions of the document images that correspond to words of the respective document texts;
  • receiving an input indicating one or more search terms;
  • retrieving a matching document text from among the document texts based on the one or more search terms, wherein the matching document text includes at least one matching word that matches one of the search terms;
  • displaying, in a first manner, a matching document image corresponding to the matching document text;
  • automatically determining a featured region based on the one or more search terms in the matching document image that includes a matching region in the matching document image corresponding to the matching word; and
  • automatically displaying the featured region in the matching document images in a second manner visually distinct from the first manner, wherein said second manner is not chosen by a user between said automatically determining step and said automatically displaying step.

Texas OCR Technologies, LLC

As in many EDTX cases, the plaintiff has a very short corporate history.

Texas OCR Technologies, LLC, was registered December 3, 2009, with address 140 E Tyler ST STE 220, Longview, TX 75601.  The Certificate of Formation was signed by Jason A. Holt, an attorney with Stevens, Love, Hill & Holt, PLLC.

The managing member is listed as STAR Co. Scientific Technologies Advanced Research Co., L.L.C., which in turn is managed by STAR Co. Investment Trust.  I was unable to locate information on STAR Co. Investment Trust.

Patent Assignments

The patent has changed hands a few times:

  • Just Systems Evans Research, Inc. to Texas OCR Technologies, LLC, executed 12/10/2009, recorded 02/08/2010.
  • Clairvoyance Corporation to Just Systems Evans Research, Inc., executed 03/16/2007, recorded 02/27/2008
  • Claritech Corporation to Clairvoyance Corporation, executed 6/21/2000, recorded 2/12/2008
  • Inventors to Claritech Corporation, executed 7/30/1997, recorded 01/11/1999




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