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2011-07-19 Newly Issued Apple Patents


PAT. NO. Title
1 D641,762 Full-Text Graphical user interface for a display screen or portion thereof
2 D641,693 Full-Text Electronic device
3 7,984,385 Full-Text Regular sampling and presentation of continuous media stream
4 7,984,384 Full-Text Web view layer for accessing user interface elements
5 7,984,377 Full-Text Cascaded display of video media
6 7,984,338 Full-Text Program counter (PC) trace
7 7,984,320 Full-Text Silent time tampering detection
8 7,984,317 Full-Text Hardware-based power management of functional blocks
9 7,984,274 Full-Text Partial load/store forward prediction
10 7,984,065 Full-Text Portable browsing interface for information retrieval
11 7,983,307 Full-Text Communication apparatus and communication method
12 7,983,300 Full-Text Method and apparatus for measuring bandwidth
13 7,982,796 Full-Text Track for improved video compression
14 7,982,548 Full-Text Resonant oscillator with oscillation-startup circuitry


Of Note

Jony Ive is listed as an inventor on D641,693.

The '384 is a fairly broad patent on the display of a dashboard comprising a borderless web page:


7,984,384 Full-Text Web view layer for accessing user interface elements

1. In a computer system including a display screen comprising an area displaying a desktop user interface, a computer-implemented method for presenting a dashboard layer on the display screen, the method comprising:

  • responsive to a trigger event, displaying the dashboard layer in the area displaying the desktop user interface, 
    • the dashboard layer comprising a web view,
    • the display of the dashboard layer providing access to a group of desktop widgets rendered within the web view of the dashboard layer; and for each of the desktop widgets from the group,
  • displaying in the dashboard layer a borderless web page that represents the desktop widget in the web view of the dashboard layer.

The '065 relates to document retrieval based on user-constructed hierarchies:

7,984,065 Full-Text Portable browsing interface for information retrieval


1. An information retrieval system, comprising:

  • a plurality of files stored in memory, each defining a different hierarchical relationship of terms describing an organizational framework for information;
  • a user interface that permits a user to select a level within each of at least two of the different hierarchical relationships;
  • a search query generator responsive to the selection of the level within each of the at least two different hierarchical relationships to construct a search query that is based upon terms associated with each of the selected levels, and to provide the query to a search engine to locate documents in a source of information which correspond to the search query; and
  • a display that displays information about the located documents to the user.


Selected Drawings

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D641,762:Screen shot 2011 07 19 at 7 37 06 AM

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