Friday, July 1, 2011

Lodsys: Tech 411 Podcast Episode 5

A few days ago, Todd Moore wrote and asked me if I'd be a guest on the Tech 411 podcast. Todd had discussed Lodsys on a few earlier episodes, and then, curiously, received a Lodsys letter himself with regard to his TMSoft White Noise app.

I accepted the invitation and was a guest on Episode 5. The Lodsys discussion starts at around 18:20, but give the rest a listen. It's a good show. Give them a good rating on iTunes while you are at it.


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BT Richards said...

What is the chance the US Justice Dept can get involved and go after these guys under the RICO act?

This is extortion, pure and simple and could easly be covered by the definition of a "protection racket".

igoeIP said...

@BT Richards, I have no RICO expertise, but the idea has been floated: