Tuesday, August 9, 2011

2011-08-09 Newly Issued Apple Patents

PAT. NO. Title
1 7,996,792 Full-Text Voicemail manager for portable multifunction device
2 7,996,789 Full-Text Methods and apparatuses to control application programs
3 7,996,694 Full-Text Dark wake
4 7,996,666 Full-Text User influenced loading sequence of startup applications
5 7,996,662 Full-Text Floating point status/control register encodings for speculative register field
6 7,996,646 Full-Text Efficient encoding for detecting load dependency on store with misalignment
7 7,996,624 Full-Text Prefetch unit
8 7,996,599 Full-Text Command resequencing in memory operations
9 7,996,578 Full-Text Methods and systems to dynamically manage performance states in a data processing system
10 7,996,458 Full-Text Assigning tasks in a distributed system
11 7,996,427 Full-Text Unified system for accessing metadata in disparate formats
12 7,996,380 Full-Text Method and apparatus for processing metadata
13 7,996,351 Full-Text Automated estimation of a country where a client computer is configured to operate
14 7,995,606 Full-Text Fly-by and ack-accelerated arbitration for broadcast packets
15 7,995,410 Full-Text Leakage and NBTI reduction technique for memory
16 7,995,350 Full-Text Component retention mechanism
17 7,995,334 Full-Text Printed circuit board
18 7,995,041 Full-Text Integrated touch screen
19 7,994,820 Full-Text Level shifter with embedded logic and low minimum voltage
20 7,994,730 Full-Text Pulse width modulation (PWM) closed loop LED current driver in an embedded system

Of Note

Steve Jobs is listed as an inventor on the voicemail patent, 7,996,792:

1. A method, comprising: at a portable electronic device with a touch screen display:

  • displaying a list of voicemail messages;
  • detecting selection by a user of a respective voicemail message in the list;
  • responding to the user selection of the respective voicemail message by initiating playback of the user-selected voicemail message;
  • detecting a finger contact with a progress bar on the touch screen display, 
    • the progress bar configured to slide in a first direction on the touch screen display;
  • detecting continuous movement of the finger contact on the touch screen display from the progress bar to a location other than the progress bar,
    • wherein the continuous movement of the finger contact on the touch screen display has a component parallel to the first direction and a component perpendicular to the first direction;
  • in response to the detected continuous movement, sliding the progress bar in accordance with the component of the movement of the finger contact that is parallel to the first direction; and
  • restarting playback of the user-selected voicemail message at a position within the user-selected voicemail message corresponding to the position of the slid progress bar.



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