Tuesday, August 23, 2011

2011-08-23 Newly Issued Apple Patents

PAT. NO. Title
1 8,006,250 Full-Text Creating an object in an object-oriented programming platform
2 8,006,194 Full-Text Associating an object with a relevant data source
3 8,006,192 Full-Text Layered graphical user interface
4 8,006,185 Full-Text Three dimensional viewer for video
5 8,006,121 Full-Text Systems and methods for diagnosing and fixing electronic devices
6 8,006,020 Full-Text Personal media device docking station having an accessory device detector
7 8,006,019 Full-Text Method and system for transferring stored data between a media player and an accessory
8 8,006,002 Full-Text Methods and systems for automatic configuration of peripherals
9 8,005,864 Full-Text Index aging and merging
10 8,005,139 Full-Text Encoding with visual masking
11 8,004,529 Full-Text Processing an animation file to provide an animated icon
12 8,004,525 Full-Text Displaying interconnects having an appearance indicating data characteristics
13 8,004,500 Full-Text Switched capacitor projection scan multi-touch sensor array
14 8,004,493 Full-Text Methods and systems for providing sensory information to devices and peripherals
15 8,004,113 Full-Text Methods and apparatuses for operating devices with solar power
16 RE42,639 Full-Text Apparatus and method for rotating the display orientation of a captured image
17 D643,853 Full-Text Icon for a portion of a display screen
18 D643,852 Full-Text Icon for a portion of a display screen
19 D643,849 Full-Text Graphical user interface for a display screen or portion thereof
20 D643,844 Full-Text Stand


Of Note

Jonathan Ive is a listed inventor on the "Stand" design patent.

I'd like to be writing more, but, as you may have noticed, there's a lot going on in the patent world. Things are bit busy at the moment.

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