Tuesday, September 13, 2011

2011-09-13 Newly Issued Apple Patents

PAT. NO. Title
1 D645,037 Full-Text Handheld portable computing device
2 8,020,149 Full-Text System and method for mitigating repeated crashes of an application resulting from supplemental code
3 8,020,105 Full-Text Unified user interface for instant messaging and email
4 8,020,100 Full-Text Fast creation of video segments
5 8,020,075 Full-Text Channel quality index feedback reduction for broadband systems
6 8,019,977 Full-Text Generating predicate values during vector processing
7 8,019,976 Full-Text Memory-hazard detection and avoidance instructions for vector processing
8 8,019,725 Full-Text Software update management
9 8,019,096 Full-Text Electronic device and external equipment with configurable audio path circuitry
10 8,018,994 Full-Text Selecting encoding types and predictive modes for encoding video data
11 8,018,579 Full-Text Three-dimensional imaging and display system
12 8,018,465 Full-Text Optimizing the execution of media processing routines using a list of routine identifiers
13 8,018,389 Full-Text Methods and apparatus for improving the performance of an electronic device having one or more antennas