Tuesday, October 18, 2011

2011-10-18 Newly Issued Apple Patents

PAT. NO. Title
1 D647,107 Full-Text Housing for an electronic device
2 D647,106 Full-Text Display module for an electronic device
3 D647,080 Full-Text Docking station
4 8,041,981 Full-Text Synchronizing timing domains based on state variables
5 8,041,968 Full-Text Power management for driving display with baseband portion when application portion is in low power mode
6 8,041,848 Full-Text Media processing method and device
7 8,041,755 Full-Text Fast static rotator/shifter with non two's complemented decode and fast mask generation
8 8,041,438 Full-Text Data-driven media management within an electronic device
9 8,041,300 Full-Text Adapter
10 8,041,291 Full-Text Delivering content to mobile electronic communications devices
11 8,041,186 Full-Text Propagating metadata associated with digital video
12 8,041,126 Full-Text Intelligent document scanning
13 8,040,689 Full-Text Support tabs for protecting a circuit board from applied forces
14 8,040,465 Full-Text External light illumination of display screens
15 8,040,360 Full-Text Methods of manipulating a screen space of a display device
16 8,040,359 Full-Text System for emulating graphics operations
17 8,040,353 Full-Text System for emulating graphics operations
18 8,040,326 Full-Text Integrated in-plane switching display and touch sensor
19 8,040,319 Full-Text Modifying a value based on a user's directional motions independent of cursor position
20 8,039,360 Full-Text Method of assembling integrated circuit components


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