Tuesday, January 10, 2012

2012-01-10 Newly Issued Apple Patents

PAT. NO. Title
1 D652,054 Full-Text Icon for a portion of a display screen
2 D652,050 Full-Text Graphical users interface for a display screen or portion thereof
3 D652,041 Full-Text Electronic device
4 D652,032 Full-Text Electronic device
5 8,095,799 Full-Text Ticket authorized secure installation and boot
6 8,095,716 Full-Text Method and system for communicating capability information from an accessory to a media player
7 8,095,713 Full-Text Smart cables
8 8,095,694 Full-Text Enhancements to data-driven media management within an electronic device
9 8,095,533 Full-Text Automatic index term augmentation in document retrieval
10 8,095,506 Full-Text Methods and systems for managing data
11 8,095,375 Full-Text Universal container for audio data
12 8,094,816 Full-Text System and method for stream/block cipher with internal random states
13 8,094,813 Full-Text System and method for modulus obfuscation
14 8,094,729 Full-Text Method and apparatus for variable accuracy inter-picture timing specification for digital video encoding with reduced requirements for division operations
15 8,094,724 Full-Text Order value for specifying relationship between video pictures
16 8,094,167 Full-Text Display color correcting system
17 8,094,161 Full-Text Virtualization of graphics resources
18 8,094,159 Full-Text Method and apparatus for frame buffer management
19 8,094,128 Full-Text Channel scan logic
20 8,094,079 Full-Text Handheld electronic devices with isolated antennas
21 8,092,251 Full-Text Active electronic media device packaging
22 8,091,178 Full-Text Hinge


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