Tuesday, April 10, 2012

2012-04-10 Newly Issued Apple Patents

PAT. NO. Title
1 D657,381 Full-Text Housing for an electronic device
2 8,156,332 Full-Text Peer-to-peer security authentication protocol
3 8,156,275 Full-Text Power managed lock optimization
4 8,156,271 Full-Text Systems and methods for storage management in a data processing device
5 8,156,123 Full-Text Method and apparatus for processing metadata
6 8,156,106 Full-Text Methods and systems for managing data
7 8,156,104 Full-Text Methods and systems for managing data
8 8,156,089 Full-Text Real-time or near real-time streaming with compressed playlists
9 8,156,081 Full-Text Method and apparatus for updating resource records in a name-server database
10 8,155,514 Full-Text Light isolating protective cover for small form factor electronic device
11 8,155,505 Full-Text Hybrid playlist
12 8,155,336 Full-Text Wireless headset with integrated media player
13 8,155,330 Full-Text Dynamic audio parameter adjustment using touch sensing
14 8,155,112 Full-Text Fly-by serial bus arbitration
15 8,155,063 Full-Text Apparatus and methods for transmission and reception of data in multi-antenna systems
16 8,154,680 Full-Text Electronic device display structures with controlled chassis reflections
17 8,154,650 Full-Text Electronic device having a camera flash redirector
18 8,154,275 Full-Text Apparatus and method for testing sense amplifier thresholds on an integrated circuit
19 8,153,882 Full-Text Time compression/expansion of selected audio segments in an audio file
20 8,153,016 Full-Text Shaping a cover glass
21 8,152,570 Full-Text Power connector having protective interior cover
22 8,152,565 Full-Text Sealed connectors for portable electronic devices


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