Tuesday, May 1, 2012

2012-05-01 Newly Issued Apple Patents

  PAT. NO.   Title
1 D658,679 Full-Text Graphical user interface for a display screen or portion thereof
2 D658,665 Full-Text USB device
3 D658,646 Full-Text Electronic device
4 D658,583 Full-Text Electronic device
5 D658,492 Full-Text Electronic device and packaging therefor
6 8,171,498 Full-Text Adaptive service for handling notifications and synchronizing directories of a file system
7 8,171,432 Full-Text Touch screen device, method, and graphical user interface for displaying and selecting application options
8 8,171,326 Full-Text L1 flush mechanism to flush cache for power down and handle coherence during flush and/or after power down
9 8,171,322 Full-Text Portable electronic devices with power management capabilities
10 8,171,318 Full-Text Reporting flash memory operating voltages
11 8,171,293 Full-Text Receiver non-repudiation via a secure device
12 8,171,277 Full-Text Method and apparatus for booting from a flash memory without prior knowledge of flash parameter information
13 8,171,258 Full-Text Address generation unit with pseudo sum to accelerate load/store operations
14 8,171,240 Full-Text Misalignment predictor
15 8,171,195 Full-Text Media player communication with an accessory using a display remote lingo
16 8,171,194 Full-Text Accessory communication with a media player using a display remote lingo
17 8,171,177 Full-Text Enhancements to data-driven media management within an electronic device
18 8,171,085 Full-Text Methods and apparatuses for authenticating electronic messages
19 8,171,042 Full-Text Method and apparatus for searching metadata
20 8,170,828 Full-Text Test method using memory programmed with tests and protocol to communicate between device under test and tester
21 8,170,623 Full-Text Charging arrangement for electronic accessories
22 8,170,606 Full-Text Dynamic thermal control for wireless transceivers
23 8,170,588 Full-Text Contact information updating via SMS
24 8,170,266 Full-Text Portable computer speaker grill structures
25 8,170,216 Full-Text Techniques for validating and sharing secrets
26 8,169,806 Full-Text Power converter system with pulsed power transfer
27 8,169,764 Full-Text Temperature compensation in integrated circuit
28 8,169,587 Full-Text Methods and systems for strengthening LCD modules
29 8,169,388 Full-Text Color correction apparatus
30 8,169,374 Full-Text Antenna for handheld electronic devices with conductive bezels
31 8,169,373 Full-Text Antennas with tuning structure for handheld devices
32 8,169,246 Full-Text Dynamic-to-static converter latch with glitch suppression
33 8,169,236 Full-Text Frequency detection mechanism for a clock generation circuit
34 8,169,235 Full-Text Receiver to match delay for single ended and differential signals
35 8,168,319 Full-Text Portable computer battery structures
36 8,167,625 Full-Text Integrated noise reduction connector
37 8,167,126 Full-Text Button mechanisms for electronic device cases

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