Tuesday, May 22, 2012

2012-05-22 Newly Issued Apple Patents

  PAT. NO.   Title
1 D660,315 Full-Text Icon for a portion of a display screen
2 8,185,942 Full-Text Client-server opaque token passing apparatus and method
3 8,185,843 Full-Text Managing user interface control panels
4 8,185,839 Full-Text Browsing or searching user interfaces and other aspects
5 8,185,823 Full-Text Zoom indication for stabilizing unstable video clips
6 8,185,822 Full-Text Image application performance optimization
7 8,185,749 Full-Text System and method for revising boolean and arithmetic operations
8 8,185,706 Full-Text Copyback optimization for memory system
9 8,185,674 Full-Text System having a plurality of buffers for providing audio for synchronized playback to multiple audio devices
10 8,185,533 Full-Text System for browsing through a music catalog using correlation metrics of a knowledge base of mediasets
11 8,185,529 Full-Text Immediate search feedback
12 8,185,166 Full-Text Thermal spray coating for seamless and radio-transparent electronic device housing
13 8,185,149 Full-Text User programmable switch
14 8,185,084 Full-Text Wireless headset having adaptive powering
15 8,184,943 Full-Text Transport controls for a media device
16 8,184,804 Full-Text Hash function using a piling-up process
17 8,184,423 Full-Text Electronic device with automatic mode switching
18 8,184,130 Full-Text Method and apparatus for image acquisition, organization, manipulation, and publication
19 8,184,096 Full-Text Cursor transitions
20 8,183,454 Full-Text Method and system for displaying components of music instruction files
21 8,182,638 Full-Text Media player with machined window undercut and transparent wall disposed therein
22 8,182,293 Full-Text Apparatus and methods for connecting two electrical devices together
23 8,182,139 Full-Text Calibration of temperature sensing circuitry in an electronic device

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