Tuesday, June 26, 2012

2012-06-26 Newly Issued Apple Patents

PAT. NO.   Title
1 D662,503 Full-Text Housing for an electronic device
2 D662,497 Full-Text Electronic device
3 D662,495 Full-Text Earphone
4 D662,492 Full-Text Docking station
5 D662,491 Full-Text Docking station
6 D662,473 Full-Text Power adapter
7 8,209,749 Full-Text Uninterrupted virtual private network (VPN) connection service with dynamic policy enforcement
8 8,209,637 Full-Text Unlocking a device by performing gestures on an unlock image
9 8,209,632 Full-Text Image mask interface
10 8,209,630 Full-Text Device, method, and graphical user interface for resizing user interface content
11 8,209,612 Full-Text Application of speed effects to a video presentation
12 8,209,606 Full-Text Device, method, and graphical user interface for list scrolling on a touch-screen display
13 8,209,540 Full-Text Incremental secure backup and restore of user settings and data
14 8,209,525 Full-Text Method and apparatus for executing program code
15 8,209,446 Full-Text DMA controller that passes destination pointers from transmit logic through a loopback buffer to receive logic to write data to memory
16 8,209,376 Full-Text Application-specific group listing
17 8,208,978 Full-Text Small lanyard connector for low profile device
18 8,208,900 Full-Text Secure device configuration profiles
19 8,208,867 Full-Text Shared multiband antennas and antenna diversity circuitry for electronic devices
20 8,208,853 Full-Text Accessory device authentication
21 8,208,789 Full-Text Video program authoring systems and methods
22 8,208,565 Full-Text Pre-processing method and system for data reduction of video sequences and bit rate reduction of compressed video sequences using temporal filtering
23 8,208,536 Full-Text Method and apparatus for encoding using single pass rate controller
24 8,207,974 Full-Text Switch for graphics processing units
25 8,207,946 Full-Text Light sensitive display
26 8,207,906 Full-Text Antenna insert
27 8,206,290 Full-Text Medical inspection device
28 8,205,499 Full-Text Method and apparatus for checking an acoustic test fixture

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

2012-06-12 Newly Issued Apple Patents

  PAT. NO.   Title
1 D661,707 Full-Text Display module for an electronic device
2 D661,693 Full-Text Electronic device
3 D661,649 Full-Text Power adapter
4 8,201,214 Full-Text Ad-hoc user account creation
5 8,201,109 Full-Text Methods and graphical user interfaces for editing on a portable multifunction device
6 8,201,102 Full-Text Opaque views for graphical user interfaces
7 8,201,096 Full-Text Browsing or searching user interfaces and other aspects
8 8,200,986 Full-Text Computer enabled secure status return
9 8,200,881 Full-Text Communication between a host device and an accessory via an intermediate device
10 8,200,761 Full-Text Method and apparatus for improving security in a data processing system
11 8,200,727 Full-Text Method and apparatus for verifying and diversifying randomness
12 8,200,629 Full-Text Image scaling arrangement
13 8,200,251 Full-Text Determining a location of a mobile device using a location database
14 8,200,007 Full-Text Illuminant estimation
15 8,199,846 Full-Text Generalized reference signaling scheme for multi-user, multiple input, multiple output (MU-MIMO) using arbitrarily precoded reference signals
16 8,199,719 Full-Text Methods and apparatus for performing handover between a long term evolution (LTE) network and another type of radio access network
17 8,199,477 Full-Text Portable computers with spring-mounted displays
18 8,199,469 Full-Text Battery
19 8,199,468 Full-Text Computer housing
20 8,199,249 Full-Text Image capture using display device as light source
21 8,198,525 Full-Text Collectively adjusting tracks using a digital audio workstation
22 8,196,636 Full-Text 3-dimensional curved substrate lamination