Tuesday, June 5, 2012

2012-06-05 Newly Issued Apple Patents

  PAT. NO.   Title
1 D661,311 Full-Text Electronic device
2 D661,305 Full-Text Monitor
3 D661,296 Full-Text Electronic device
4 8,196,214 Full-Text Method and apparatus for securing content using encryption with embedded key in content
5 8,196,153 Full-Text Method and apparatus for associating device drivers via a device tree
6 8,196,043 Full-Text User interface for presenting media information
7 8,195,864 Full-Text Methods and apparatus for bridged data transmission and protocol translation in a high serialized data system
8 8,195,768 Full-Text Remote slide presentation
9 8,195,622 Full-Text Method and apparatus for simplifying the decoding of data
10 8,195,547 Full-Text Method and system for payment and/or issuance of credits via a mobile device
11 8,195,393 Full-Text Analyzing and consolidating track file data
12 8,195,141 Full-Text Remote control of electronic devices
13 8,194,890 Full-Text Detecting and processing button press events for performing electronic device operations
14 8,194,730 Full-Text Efficient use of storage in encoding and decoding video data streams
15 8,194,410 Full-Text Printed circuit board sensor mounting and alignment
16 8,194,099 Full-Text Techniques for displaying digital images on a display
17 8,194,088 Full-Text Selective composite rendering
18 8,194,037 Full-Text Centering a 3D remote controller in a media system
19 8,194,031 Full-Text Backlight control of electronic device
20 8,193,781 Full-Text Harnessing power through electromagnetic induction utilizing printed coils
21 8,192,815 Full-Text Methods and systems for forming a dual layer housing
22 8,192,234 Full-Text Audio connector control system

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