Tuesday, July 10, 2012

2012-07-10 Newly Issued Apple Patents


PAT. NO.   Title
1 D663,320 Full-Text Electronic device with graphical user interface
2 D663,304 Full-Text Cover
3 8,219,920 Full-Text Methods and systems for managing to do items or notes or electronic messages
4 8,219,880 Full-Text Combined single error correction/device kill detection code
5 8,219,787 Full-Text Early release of resources by proceeding to retire store operations from exception reporting stage but keeping in load/store queue
6 8,219,758 Full-Text Block-based non-transparent cache
7 8,219,755 Full-Text Fast hit override
8 8,219,580 Full-Text Dynamic management of multiple persistent data stores
9 8,219,157 Full-Text Electronic device with shared multiband antenna and antenna diversity circuitry
10 8,218,790 Full-Text Techniques for customizing control of volume level in device playback
11 8,218,509 Full-Text Dynamic allocation of communication resources in a wireless system
12 8,218,380 Full-Text Degradation equalization for a memory
13 8,218,347 Full-Text Stacked memory device having a scalable bandwidth interface
14 8,218,306 Full-Text Assembly of a handheld electronic device
15 8,217,913 Full-Text Integrated touch screen
16 8,217,889 Full-Text Pulse-width modulation control for backlighting of a video display
17 8,217,792 Full-Text Acceleration-based theft detection system for portable electronic devices
18 8,217,685 Full-Text Input/output driver with controlled transistor voltages
19 8,217,619 Full-Text Portable devices having multiple power interfaces
20 8,217,336 Full-Text Light sensing device having a color sensor and a clear sensor for infrared rejection
21 8,215,546 Full-Text System and method for transportation check-in
22 8,215,012 Full-Text Thermal contact arrangement
23 8,215,009 Full-Text Method for manufacturing a plug arm

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