Tuesday, July 24, 2012

2012-07-24 Newly Issued Apple Patents

  PAT. NO.   Title
1 D664,144 Full-Text Electronic device
2 D664,093 Full-Text Power module
3 8,230,412 Full-Text Compatible trust in a computing device
4 8,230,403 Full-Text Typed-data translation for platform independence
5 8,230,366 Full-Text Dynamically changing cursor for user interface
6 8,230,360 Full-Text User interface for selection from media collection
7 8,230,358 Full-Text Defining motion in a computer system with a graphical user interface
8 8,230,300 Full-Text Efficient readout from analog memory cells using data compression
9 8,230,242 Full-Text Accessory power management
10 8,230,124 Full-Text Methods and systems to dynamically manage performance states in a data processing system
11 8,230,073 Full-Text Service templates for an IP multimedia subsystem
12 8,229,913 Full-Text Methods and systems for managing data
13 8,229,889 Full-Text Methods and systems for managing data
14 8,229,389 Full-Text Method for obtaining location information for emergency services in wireless multimedia networks
15 8,229,211 Full-Text Differential image enhancement
16 8,229,160 Full-Text Systems and methods for identifying objects and providing information related to identified objects
17 8,229,153 Full-Text Microphone packaging in a mobile communications device
18 8,229,019 Full-Text MIMO precoding enabling spatial multiplexing, power allocation and adaptive modulation and coding
19 8,228,887 Full-Text Cell identifier encoding and decoding methods and apparatus
20 8,228,835 Full-Text MIMO based network coding network
21 8,228,701 Full-Text Selective activation of programming schemes in analog memory cell arrays
22 8,228,406 Full-Text Adaptive lens shading correction
23 8,228,339 Full-Text Framework for graphics animation and compositing operations
24 8,228,305 Full-Text Method for providing human input to a computer
25 8,228,047 Full-Text Power converters having varied switching frequencies

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