Tuesday, August 28, 2012

2012-08-28 Newly Issued Apple Patents


PAT. NO.   Title
1 RE43,613 Full-Text Mobile telephone terminal with improved utility
2 D666,214 Full-Text Media device
3 D666,212 Full-Text Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
4 D666,209 Full-Text Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
5 D666,202 Full-Text Housing plate
6 8,256,005 Full-Text Protection of audio or video data in a playback device
7 8,255,895 Full-Text Distributing and synchronizing objects
8 8,255,876 Full-Text Execution difference identification tool
9 8,255,834 Full-Text Displaying a set of data elements
10 8,255,830 Full-Text Methods and graphical user interfaces for editing on a multifunction device with a touch screen display
11 8,255,826 Full-Text Method and apparatus for resizing buffered windows
12 8,255,815 Full-Text Motion picture preview icons
13 8,255,810 Full-Text Portable touch screen device, method, and graphical user interface for using emoji characters while in a locked mode
14 8,255,798 Full-Text Device, method, and graphical user interface for electronic document translation on a touch-screen display
15 8,255,796 Full-Text Efficient creation of documents
16 8,255,789 Full-Text Providing spreadsheet features
17 8,255,758 Full-Text Decoding of error correction code using partial bit inversion
18 8,255,731 Full-Text Methods and apparatus for power state based backup
19 8,255,671 Full-Text Processor employing split scheduler in which near, low latency operation dependencies are tracked separate from other operation dependencies
20 8,255,670 Full-Text Replay reduction for power saving
21 8,255,640 Full-Text Media device with intelligent cache utilization
22 8,255,571 Full-Text Updating multiple computing devices
23 8,255,545 Full-Text Dual-phase content synchronization
24 8,255,436 Full-Text Per thread garbage collection
25 8,255,428 Full-Text Graphical representation of assets stored on a portable media device
26 8,255,389 Full-Text Automatic relevance filtering
27 8,255,371 Full-Text Methods and apparatuses for data protection
28 8,255,360 Full-Text Synchronization of database changes among multiple devices
29 8,255,323 Full-Text Motion based payment confirmation
30 8,255,069 Full-Text Digital audio processor
31 8,255,009 Full-Text Radio frequency communications circuitry with power supply voltage and gain control
32 8,255,003 Full-Text Missed telephone call management for a portable multifunction device
33 8,254,993 Full-Text Remote messaging for mobile communication device and accessory
34 8,254,969 Full-Text Wireless communication network having a broadcast system for information distribution
35 8,254,917 Full-Text Method and system for managing delivery of communications
36 8,254,902 Full-Text Apparatus and methods for enforcement of policies upon a wireless device
37 8,254,880 Full-Text Access control
38 8,254,828 Full-Text Methods and systems for mixing media with communications
39 8,254,760 Full-Text Pixel analysis and frame alignment for background frames
40 8,254,646 Full-Text Image preprocessing
41 8,254,624 Full-Text Architecture for exporting digital images
42 8,254,592 Full-Text Electronic device and external equipment with configurable audio path circuitry
43 8,254,572 Full-Text Secure provisioning of a portable device using a representation of a key
44 8,254,568 Full-Text Secure booting a computing device
45 8,254,461 Full-Text Method and apparatus for variable accuracy inter-picture timing specification for digital video encoding with reduced requirements for division operations
46 8,254,459 Full-Text Adaptive motion estimation
47 8,254,429 Full-Text Communication systems and methods
48 8,254,284 Full-Text Hybrid ARQ schemes with soft combining in variable rate packet data applications
49 8,253,852 Full-Text Embedded camera with privacy filter
50 8,253,759 Full-Text Method and apparatus for anti-aliasing scan conversion

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