Tuesday, September 4, 2012

2012-09-04 Newly Issued Apple Patents


PAT. NO.   Title
1 D666,409 Full-Text Electronic device holder
2 8,261,246 Full-Text Method and system for dynamically populating groups in a developer environment
3 8,261,209 Full-Text Updating content display based on cursor position
4 8,261,197 Full-Text Methods and systems for managing to do items or notes or electronic messages
5 8,261,191 Full-Text Multi-point representation
6 8,261,186 Full-Text Methods for efficient cluster analysis
7 8,261,159 Full-Text Data scrambling schemes for memory devices
8 8,261,026 Full-Text Application cache population from peer application
9 8,260,877 Full-Text Variant streams for real-time or near real-time streaming to provide failover protection
10 8,260,640 Full-Text Systems and methods for providing context-based movie information
11 8,260,337 Full-Text System and method for peer-to-peer communication in cellular systems
12 8,260,320 Full-Text Location specific content
13 8,260,079 Full-Text Video acquisition with processing based on ancillary data
14 8,259,881 Full-Text Interference-weighted communication signal processing systems and methods
15 8,259,737 Full-Text Enhanced encapsulation mechanism using GRE protocol
16 8,259,659 Full-Text Apparatus and methods for managing access and update requests in a wireless network
17 8,259,652 Full-Text Location-based network detection
18 8,259,506 Full-Text Database of memory read thresholds
19 8,259,497 Full-Text Programming schemes for multi-level analog memory cells
20 8,259,444 Full-Text Highly portable media device
21 8,259,198 Full-Text System and method for detecting and correcting defective pixels in an image sensor
22 8,259,139 Full-Text Use of on-chip frame buffer to improve LCD response time by overdriving
23 8,259,078 Full-Text Touch screen liquid crystal display
24 8,259,017 Full-Text Hybrid antennas for electronic devices
25 8,257,075 Full-Text Carbon composite mold design
26 8,256,913 Full-Text Housing for a computing device

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