Tuesday, September 11, 2012

2012-09-11 Newly Issued Apple Patents


PAT. NO.   Title
1 D667,019 Full-Text Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
2 8,266,538 Full-Text Remote access to layer and user interface elements
3 8,266,456 Full-Text Supplying remaining available current to port in excess of bus standard limit
4 8,266,338 Full-Text Data flow control within and between DMA channels
5 8,266,323 Full-Text System connections and user interfaces
6 8,266,241 Full-Text Image sharing
7 8,265,991 Full-Text Automated determination of applicability and value of discounts for a purchase order
8 8,265,905 Full-Text Automated benchmarking of software performance
9 8,265,709 Full-Text Single user input mechanism for controlling electronic device operations
10 8,265,708 Full-Text Outgoing telephone call indication
11 8,265,603 Full-Text Creation and management of voicemail greetings for mobile communication devices
12 8,265,450 Full-Text Capturing and inserting closed captioning data in digital video
13 8,265,329 Full-Text Compact housing for portable electronic device with internal speaker
14 8,265,323 Full-Text Earphone with removable component
15 8,265,300 Full-Text Method and apparatus for controlling volume
16 8,265,212 Full-Text Antenna selection for MIMO decoding
17 8,265,097 Full-Text Communication apparatus and communication method
18 8,265,078 Full-Text Routing table build algorithm for a routing table that uses a search key constructed from packet destination address and outbound interface
19 8,265,022 Full-Text Apparatus and methods for transmission of emergency call data over wireless networks
20 8,265,017 Full-Text Methods and apparatus for network capacity enhancement for wireless device coexistence
21 8,264,837 Full-Text Systems and methods for cover assembly retention of a portable electronic device
22 8,264,820 Full-Text Handheld computing device
23 8,264,805 Full-Text Dual voltage hot swap module power control
24 8,264,412 Full-Text Antennas and antenna carrier structures for electronic devices
25 8,264,310 Full-Text Accessory device for peek mode
26 8,264,167 Full-Text Active enclosure for computing device
27 8,263,872 Full-Text Method and apparatus for attaching a flex circuit to a printed circuit board

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