Tuesday, October 30, 2012

2012-10-30 Newly Issued Apple Patents


PAT. NO.   Title
1 RE43,780 Full-Text Plug connector
2 D669,916 Full-Text Media device
3 D669,915 Full-Text Electronic device
4 D669,914 Full-Text Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
5 D669,906 Full-Text Display screen portion with animated graphical user interface
6 8,302,210 Full-Text System and method for call path enforcement
7 8,302,038 Full-Text Engineering change order language for modifying integrated circuit design files for programmable logic device implementation
8 8,302,033 Full-Text Touch screen device, method, and graphical user interface for providing maps, directions, and location-based information
9 8,302,020 Full-Text Widget authoring and editing environment
10 8,301,947 Full-Text Dynamic scan chain grouping
11 8,301,943 Full-Text Pulse flop with enhanced scan implementation
12 8,301,941 Full-Text Memory controller with loopback test interface
13 8,301,843 Full-Text Data cache block zero implementation
14 8,301,725 Full-Text Variant streams for real-time or near real-time streaming
15 8,301,198 Full-Text Transmission method and related base station
16 8,301,145 Full-Text Fast cell selection in a mobile wireless device
17 8,300,953 Full-Text Categorization of digital media based on media characteristics
18 8,300,841 Full-Text Techniques for presenting sound effects on a portable media player
19 8,300,828 Full-Text System and method for a derivation function for key per page
20 8,300,809 Full-Text System and method for modulus obfuscation
21 8,300,591 Full-Text Allocating resources in a frequency-time space to mobile station data
22 8,300,478 Full-Text Reducing distortion using joint storage
23 8,300,056 Full-Text Seamless display migration
24 8,300,055 Full-Text User interface for controlling three-dimensional animation of an object
25 8,300,020 Full-Text Hybrid inertial and touch sensing input device
26 8,300,019 Full-Text Capacitive sensor coupling correction
27 8,299,825 Full-Text Electronic age detection circuit
28 8,299,381 Full-Text Cantilevered push button
29 8,296,925 Full-Text Battery assembly for use in an electronic device

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