Tuesday, November 6, 2012

2012-11-06 Newly Issued Apple Patents

  PAT. NO.   Title
1 RE43,796 Full-Text Receptacle connector
2 D670,286 Full-Text Portable display device
3 D670,161 Full-Text Display apparatus
4 8,307,425 Full-Text Portable computer accounts
5 8,307,366 Full-Text Post-processing phase in a distributed processing system using assignment information
6 8,307,292 Full-Text Method and apparatus for binding user interface objects to application objects
7 8,307,287 Full-Text Heads-up-display for use in a media manipulation operation
8 8,307,236 Full-Text Oversampling-based scheme for synchronous interface communication
9 8,307,224 Full-Text Methods and apparatuses for dynamic power control
10 8,307,146 Full-Text Communication between a host device and an accessory via an intermediate device
11 8,307,134 Full-Text Multiple communication interfaces on a portable storage device
12 8,307,107 Full-Text Methods and apparatuses to extend header for transferring data
13 8,307,004 Full-Text Manipulating electronic backups
14 8,306,918 Full-Text Use of media storage structure with multiple pieces of content in a content-distribution system
15 8,306,772 Full-Text Method for estimating temperature at a critical point
16 8,306,488 Full-Text Signal transmitter linearization
17 8,306,475 Full-Text Method and apparatus for configuring a wireless device through reverse advertising
18 8,306,367 Full-Text Method and apparatus for managing image-processing operations
19 8,306,252 Full-Text Integrated microphone assembly for personal media device
20 8,306,235 Full-Text Method and apparatus for using a sound sensor to adjust the audio output for a device
21 8,306,034 Full-Text Method for updating and managing synchronization identifier by using release messages or status request and response
22 8,305,949 Full-Text System and method for spatial multiplexing-based OFDM broadcast/multicast transmission
23 8,305,897 Full-Text Quality of service control in multiple hop wireless communication environments
24 8,305,761 Full-Text Heat removal in compact computing systems
25 8,305,744 Full-Text Shock mounting cover glass in consumer electronics devices
26 8,305,728 Full-Text Methods and apparatus for cooling electronic devices
27 8,305,355 Full-Text Portable electronic device for photo management
28 8,305,125 Full-Text Low latency synchronizer circuit
29 8,303,151 Full-Text Microperforation illumination

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