Tuesday, November 13, 2012

2012-11-13 Newly Issued Apple Patents


PAT. NO.   Title
1 D670,713 Full-Text Display screen or portion thereof with animated graphical user interface
2 D670,692 Full-Text Portable display device
3 D670,499 Full-Text Case
4 8,312,371 Full-Text Device and method for screen rotation on a touch-screen display
5 8,312,302 Full-Text Power distribution inside cable
6 8,312,249 Full-Text Dynamic trampoline and structured code generation in a signed code environment
7 8,312,036 Full-Text Recommended systems
8 8,312,024 Full-Text System and method for acquiring and adding data on the playing of elements or multimedia files
9 8,312,017 Full-Text Recommender system for identifying a new set of media items responsive to an input set of media items and knowledge base metrics
10 8,311,988 Full-Text Consistent back up of electronic information
11 8,311,838 Full-Text Devices and methods for identifying a prompt corresponding to a voice input in a sequence of prompts
12 8,311,806 Full-Text Data detection in a sequence of tokens using decision tree reductions
13 8,311,657 Full-Text Method and apparatus for efficiently accounting for the temporal nature of audio processing
14 8,311,552 Full-Text Dynamic allocation of host IP addresses
15 8,311,526 Full-Text Location-based categorical information services
16 8,311,481 Full-Text Data format conversion for electronic devices
17 8,311,355 Full-Text Skin tone aware color boost for cameras
18 8,311,255 Full-Text Headset with microphone and connector co-location
19 8,311,024 Full-Text Access category enforcement in wireless local area networks
20 8,310,835 Full-Text Systems and methods for providing vias through a modular component
21 8,310,494 Full-Text Method for reducing graphics rendering failures
22 8,310,491 Full-Text Asynchronous notifications for concurrent graphics operations
23 8,310,472 Full-Text Channel scan logic
24 8,310,291 Full-Text DLL having a different training interval during a voltage change
25 8,310,268 Full-Text Generating test benches for pre-silicon validation of retimed complex IC designs against a reference design
26 8,309,834 Full-Text Polyphonic note detection
27 8,309,245 Full-Text Battery pack and connector
28 8,308,493 Full-Text Low-profile power adapter

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