Tuesday, November 27, 2012

2012-11-27 Newly Issued Apple Patents

  PAT. NO.   Title
1 D671,558 Full-Text Display screen or portion thereof with icon
2 D671,550 Full-Text Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
3 8,321,801 Full-Text Desktop widgets for presentation in a layer
4 8,321,786 Full-Text Routine and interface for correcting electronic text
5 8,321,783 Full-Text Visualizing content positioning within a document using layers
6 8,321,748 Full-Text Symbol encoding for tolerance to single byte errors
7 8,321,647 Full-Text Multipage preparation commands for non-volatile memory systems
8 8,321,605 Full-Text PIO interjection between beats of a DMA operation
9 8,321,601 Full-Text Audio status information for a portable electronic device
10 8,321,593 Full-Text Time synchronization of media playback in multiple processes
11 8,321,483 Full-Text Method and system for seamlessly accessing remotely stored files
12 8,321,435 Full-Text Quick find for data fields
13 8,321,395 Full-Text Associating digital images with waypoints
14 8,321,374 Full-Text Peer-to-peer N-way syncing in decentralized environment
15 8,320,974 Full-Text Decisions on ambient noise suppression in a mobile communications handset device
16 8,320,909 Full-Text Expanded cell search and selection in a mobile wireless device
17 8,320,889 Full-Text Method for automatic presentation of information before connection
18 8,320,840 Full-Text Method and system for diversity using orthogonal frequency/division multiplexing
19 8,320,838 Full-Text Host-mobile trace synchronization and comparison
20 8,320,743 Full-Text Dynamic variation of output media signal in response to input media signal
21 8,320,644 Full-Text Object detection metadata
22 8,320,636 Full-Text Detecting image detail level
23 8,320,553 Full-Text Enhanced echo cancellation
24 8,320,486 Full-Text Retransmission method for HARQ in MIMO systems
25 8,320,141 Full-Text High-efficiency, switched-capacitor power conversion using a resonant clocking circuit to produce gate drive signals for switching capacitors
26 8,319,861 Full-Text Compensation for black level changes
27 8,319,795 Full-Text Methods of manipulating a screen space of a display device
28 8,319,747 Full-Text Single layer touch panel with segmented drive and sense electrodes
29 8,319,692 Full-Text Cavity antenna for an electronic device
30 8,319,488 Full-Text Momentarily enabled electronic device
31 8,319,326 Full-Text Stacked die with vertically-aligned conductors and methods for making the same
32 8,319,128 Full-Text System and methods for electronic device keyboard illumination
33 8,317,658 Full-Text Interfacing portable media devices and sports equipment
34 8,317,542 Full-Text High-speed card connector

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