Thursday, December 6, 2012

2012-12-04 Newly Issued Apple Patents

  PAT. NO.   Title
1 D671,956 Full-Text Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
2 D671,948 Full-Text Cover
3 D671,947 Full-Text Housing for an electronic device
4 D671,937 Full-Text Electronic device
5 D671,930 Full-Text Cover
6 D671,898 Full-Text Connector
7 8,327,382 Full-Text Media rendering hierarchy
8 8,327,310 Full-Text Method and software tool for analyzing and reducing the failure rate of an integrated circuit
9 8,327,284 Full-Text Acquisition and presentation of dynamic media asset information for events
10 8,327,272 Full-Text Portable multifunction device, method, and graphical user interface for viewing and managing electronic calendars
11 8,327,269 Full-Text Positioning a virtual sound capturing device in a three dimensional interface
12 8,327,259 Full-Text Storing table data
13 8,327,242 Full-Text High-performance ECC decoder
14 8,327,178 Full-Text Efficient service advertisement and discovery in a networking environment
15 8,327,171 Full-Text Method and apparatus for facilitating device hibernation
16 8,327,044 Full-Text Transaction ID filtering for buffered programmed input/output (PIO) write acknowledgements
17 8,326,221 Full-Text Portable electronic device with proximity-based content synchronization
18 8,326,035 Full-Text Method and apparatus for color correction
19 8,326,001 Full-Text Low threshold face recognition
20 8,325,922 Full-Text Group key security in a multihop relay wireless network
21 8,325,913 Full-Text System and method of authentication
22 8,325,890 Full-Text Auto exposure techniques for variable lighting conditions
23 8,325,857 Full-Text Modulation division multiple access
24 8,325,808 Full-Text Encoding video
25 8,325,680 Full-Text Support for continuity of tunnel communications for mobile nodes having multiple care of addressing
26 8,325,590 Full-Text OFDM communications system
27 8,325,309 Full-Text Display having a plurality of driver integrated circuits
28 8,325,248 Full-Text Dual processing of raw image data
29 8,325,096 Full-Text Clutch barrel antenna for wireless electronic devices
30 8,325,094 Full-Text Dielectric window antennas for electronic devices
31 8,324,987 Full-Text Device and method for cascading filters of different materials
32 8,324,909 Full-Text Video signal analyzer
33 8,324,578 Full-Text Hidden sensors in an electronic device
34 8,323,040 Full-Text Docking station with moveable connector for hand-held electronic device

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