Tuesday, December 25, 2012

2012-12-25 Newly Issued Apple Patents


PAT. NO.   Title
1 D673,148 Full-Text Electronic device
2 8,341,683 Full-Text Convergence-enabled DVD and web system
3 8,341,614 Full-Text Memory management for closures
4 8,341,611 Full-Text Application interface on multiple processors
5 8,341,578 Full-Text Clock gater with test features and low setup time
6 8,341,557 Full-Text Portable touch screen device, method, and graphical user interface for providing workout support
7 8,341,544 Full-Text Scroll bar with video region in a media system
8 8,341,542 Full-Text Method and apparatus for user customized shading of a graphical user interface
9 8,341,524 Full-Text Portable electronic device with local search capabilities
10 8,341,500 Full-Text Detecting corrupted data for a system having non-volatile memory
11 8,341,422 Full-Text Method and apparatus for incremental code signing
12 8,341,384 Full-Text Installation of software onto a computer
13 8,341,379 Full-Text R and C bit update handling
14 8,341,318 Full-Text Techniques for facilitating communication between an accessory and a mobile computing device using application specific protocols
15 8,341,207 Full-Text Apparatus and method for matching users for online sessions
16 8,341,039 Full-Text Mixed source media playback
17 8,341,037 Full-Text Mixed source media playback
18 8,340,724 Full-Text Feeder cable reduction
19 8,340,694 Full-Text Synchronizing mobile and vehicle devices
20 8,340,635 Full-Text Capability model for mobile devices
21 8,340,578 Full-Text Methods and apparatus for enhanced coexistence algorithms in wireless systems
22 8,340,312 Full-Text Differential mode noise cancellation with active real-time control for microphone-speaker combinations used in two way audio communications
23 8,340,194 Full-Text High-yield multi-threading method and apparatus for video encoders/transcoders/decoders with dynamic video reordering and multi-level video coding dependency management
24 8,340,072 Full-Text Preambles in OFDMA system
25 8,339,935 Full-Text Adaptive time diversity and spatial diversity for OFDM
26 8,339,798 Full-Text Printed circuit boards with embedded components
27 8,339,787 Full-Text Heat valve for thermal management in a mobile communications device
28 8,339,775 Full-Text Portable computing device
29 8,339,760 Full-Text Thermal protection circuits and structures for electronic devices and cables
30 8,339,028 Full-Text Multicolor light emitting diodes
31 8,338,737 Full-Text Computer housing
32 8,338,684 Full-Text Musical instruction and assessment systems
33 8,337,253 Full-Text Super-thin USB connector receptacle housings having reduced-wear finger contacts
34 8,337,223 Full-Text Mini-sim connector
35 8,337,216 Full-Text Touch sensor back plane ground connection
36 8,336,334 Full-Text Glass alignment for high temperature processes

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