Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013-01-01 Newly Issued Apple Patents

  PAT. NO.   Title
1 D673,572 Full-Text Stand and portable display device
2 D673,571 Full-Text Stand
3 D673,563 Full-Text Handheld portable computing device
4 D673,515 Full-Text Component of an electronic device
5 8,347,316 Full-Text Method and system for synchronous operation of linked command objects
6 8,347,238 Full-Text Device, method, and graphical user interface for managing user interface content and user interface elements by dynamic snapping of user interface elements to alignment guides
7 8,347,230 Full-Text Visual presentation of multiple internet pages
8 8,347,210 Full-Text Synchronizing video with audio beats
9 8,347,098 Full-Text Media storage structures for storing content, devices for using such structures, systems for distributing such structures
10 8,347,040 Full-Text Latency reduction for cache coherent bus-based cache
11 8,347,014 Full-Text Class-based compatibility testing and notification
12 8,346,987 Full-Text Communication protocol for use with portable electronic devices
13 8,346,901 Full-Text Selection of an appropriate online content source based on program information
14 8,346,847 Full-Text Installing applications based on a seed application from a separate device
15 8,346,762 Full-Text Creation, management and delivery of map-based media items
16 8,346,717 Full-Text Managing file systems
17 8,346,299 Full-Text Dynamic thermal control for wireless transceivers
18 8,346,274 Full-Text Method to control multiple radio access bearers in a wireless device
19 8,346,255 Full-Text Method and apparatus for using a wireless communication device with multiple service providers
20 8,346,237 Full-Text Communications device having a commute time function and methods of use thereof
21 8,346,205 Full-Text Method and system for wireless communications between base and mobile stations
22 8,346,203 Full-Text Power management techniques for buffering and playback of audio broadcast data
23 8,346,183 Full-Text Seamless insert molding techniques
24 8,345,775 Full-Text System and method for masking visual compression artifacts in decoded video streams
25 8,345,774 Full-Text Hypothetical reference decoder
26 8,345,665 Full-Text Text to speech conversion of text messages from mobile communication devices
27 8,345,655 Full-Text Techniques for improving control channel acquisition in a wireless communication system
28 8,345,420 Full-Text Battery assembly for battery powered portable devices
29 8,345,410 Full-Text Handheld computing device
30 8,344,874 Full-Text Intelligent power-enabled communications port
31 8,344,836 Full-Text Protective cover for a tablet computer
32 8,342,861 Full-Text Compact power adapter
33 8,342,228 Full-Text Systems and methods for insert-molding
34 8,341,832 Full-Text Method to create an enclosure for an electronic device

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