Tuesday, January 29, 2013

2013-01-29 Newly Issued Apple Patents

  PAT. NO.   Title
1 D675,215 Full-Text USB device
2 D675,202 Full-Text Electronic device
3 D675,198 Full-Text Cover
4 D675,194 Full-Text Earphone
5 8,365,192 Full-Text Methods for managing authority designation of graphical user interfaces
6 8,365,184 Full-Text Multi-core resource utilization planning
7 8,365,123 Full-Text Automated pad ring generation for programmable logic device implementation of integrated circuit design
8 8,365,090 Full-Text Device, method, and graphical user interface for zooming out on a touch-screen display
9 8,365,072 Full-Text Identification of compound graphic elements in an unstructured document
10 8,364,987 Full-Text Method and apparatus for implementing a sleep proxy for services on a network
11 8,364,965 Full-Text Optimized integrity verification procedures
12 8,364,941 Full-Text Switching drivers between processors
13 8,364,938 Full-Text Running-AND, running-OR, running-XOR, and running-multiply instructions for processing vectors using a base value from a key element of an input vector
14 8,364,936 Full-Text Processor employing split scheduler in which near, low latency operation dependencies are tracked separate from other operation dependencies
15 8,364,907 Full-Text Converting victim writeback to a fill
16 8,364,855 Full-Text Dynamic interpretation of user input in a portable electronic device
17 8,364,694 Full-Text Search assistant for digital media assets
18 8,364,684 Full-Text Methods for prefix indexing
19 8,364,680 Full-Text Computer systems and methods for collecting, associating, and/or retrieving data
20 8,364,600 Full-Text Performing a business transaction without disclosing sensitive identity information to a relying party
21 8,364,590 Full-Text Motion based payment confirmation
22 8,364,389 Full-Text Systems and methods for integrating a portable electronic device with a bicycle
23 8,364,294 Full-Text Two-phase editing of signal data
24 8,364,191 Full-Text Group call management
25 8,364,167 Full-Text Providing location information for a mobile terminal from a wireless telephone service provider
26 8,364,139 Full-Text Personal area network systems and devices and methods for use thereof
27 8,364,123 Full-Text Managing notification messages
28 8,364,095 Full-Text Minimum feedback radio architecture with digitally configurable adaptive linearization
29 8,364,090 Full-Text Method and apparatus for wireless radio frequency test signal generation
30 8,364,032 Full-Text Light isolating protective cover for small form factor electronic device
31 8,363,843 Full-Text Methods, modules, and computer-readable recording media for providing a multi-channel convolution reverb
32 8,363,818 Full-Text On-hold call monitoring systems and methods
33 8,363,739 Full-Text Pilot scheme for a MIMO communication system
34 8,363,657 Full-Text SIP-enabled framework for multi-domain roaming control plane in a WiMAX access network
35 8,363,594 Full-Text Address spoofing prevention
36 8,363,540 Full-Text Pilot signal in an FDMA communication system
37 8,363,523 Full-Text Playing data from an optical media drive
38 8,363,027 Full-Text Integrated touch screen
39 8,363,021 Full-Text Method to compensate for the frequency dependence of sense signal preprocessing
40 8,362,955 Full-Text Antenna system
41 8,362,805 Full-Text Power switch ramp rate control using daisy-chained flops
42 8,362,793 Full-Text Circuit boards including removable test point portions and configurable testing platforms
43 8,362,751 Full-Text Harnessing power through electromagnetic induction utilizing printed coils
44 8,362,373 Full-Text Keys with double-diving-board spring mechanisms
45 8,360,801 Full-Text Contactless plug detect mechanism
46 8,360,718 Full-Text Fan inlet and method
47 8,359,710 Full-Text Portable computer clutch structures

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